Wellcome Player

Navigate sequences of images in a zoomable, extensible interface.

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...and not just images. The Wellcome Library Player is for all digital library assets, including audio and video. Different asset types are handled by different modules, extensions to the core player. If you provide the Player with a package of data, it can play your content too. You can do this without any any server-side code at all - but if you want to scale up, you need more sophisticated delivery.

The Wellcome Player, the Universal Viewer and IIIF

Digirati have been working with the Wellcome Library, The British Library and the National Library of Wales to further develop the viewing technolgies introduced in the Wellcome Player.

Please see IIIF and the Universal Viewer before implementing the data model described on these pages.

The data model

Introduces the concept of a package, the data model that describes the object being played. If you've got more than a few books you're going to want to automate the generation of packages for the player.

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Digitising a book

If you have a scanner, you can digitise a book. This walkthrough shows you how to produce deep zoom images and stitch them together in an asset sequence, using a text editor to create a package for the player to play.

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Digital delivery

Digitising a book is laborious, but the drudgery should stop there. This section looks at scaling up the delivery of deep zoom images by using an image server in the back end. It also looks at where we go next.

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